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👉 Thirst for What?

Instead of giving content, the worldly desires – even if fulfilled, always lead to newer ones with greater thirst. It is said that a human life is just a sojourn in the endless journey of the individual self in its quest for completeness. However, if a human being gets rid of all cravings then he can attain absolute evolution in this life itself. Trisna (thirst for fulfillment of desires, ambitions) is the root cause of all thralldoms, which entraps the individual self in the cycle of life and death. How a person enslaved by cravings would ever be liberated? Salvation means freedom from all worldly desires and expectations. Those having quest for realization of absolute knowledge, truth should best begin with a vigilant watch on their own aspirations and control them prudently.

It is said that inner content is the biggest fulfillment. No amount of wealth could match it. One may be free and independent in worldly terms, but in reality, he, like most of us is the slave of his mind. The one whose mind is captured by trisna cannot be free for any moment. Even the most affluent man of the world is like a beggar because of his trisna: because he would always expect something from the world in terms of greater success, wealthier resources and what not. So if you want to rise and make proper use of your life, you will have to restrain your desires, selfish ambitions. Don’t escape from your duties, you must be constructive and must transact your duties sincerely; only you leave out the expectations or attachments with the results. Every action has a corresponding reaction here. The Law of appropriate consequences of your karma is absolute.

So don’t be desperate for any result, don’t think that the world or the circumstance would conform to your expectations. Renounce your trisna and be a free being…

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Mar. 1942

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