गुरुवार, 31 मार्च 2016

Oh child of God ! be God !

Human powers, abilities are unlimited and are as infinite as the sky. Every human being is a symbolic representative of the divine consciousness. He possesses within himself all those abilities that are present in his Father - the Almighty.

If the Yog [union] of a soul and the Supreme Soul is made possible; even a meek and most normal-seeming human being can become the Supreme Being - God and his greatness will be equally vast.

Maya is the one, which fabricates the difference between the soul and Supreme Soul, and she is nothing more than a mere veil of ignorance.

As we are entangled in worldly attractions, running after fickle wealth and ridiculously greedy desires it's difficult for us to understand that the unusually rare opportunity of possessing a human body has been given to us and it must be used for the fulfillment of a specific purpose. Let us just not worry about the pleasures of the body but also keep in mind the contentment of the soul.

If we realize our true nature, understand our duties and resolve promptly to do as needed, we can easily get rid of the sense of insignificance and unrest, which constantly unnerves us.

To break free from this spell of ignorance is the supreme duty of any human being.

The person who performs this duty faithfully can lay claim to the greatness of God the Almighty and become God Himself.

-Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
-Akhanda Jyoti 1964 - November Page 1

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