बुधवार, 14 मार्च 2018

👉 How long can we go on tolerating vulgarly and extravagant weddings? (Last Part)

The tradition for ideal marriage should become more prevalent

🔶 We should hold debates and competitions on this topic in schools and colleges. We should arrange for exhibitions and awaken the masses. If we focus on colleges, universities and technical institutes, we could bring about a particular atmosphere within a couple of years in the entire country. The amount and wealth that is saved through this movement could be used for establishing schools, colleges and for creating employment avenues for the poor. At Shantikunj  Haridwar, Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura, and in the 4000 shaktipeeths ideal weddings are solemnized with minimum expense.

🔷 These marriages are conducted through the entire year with vedic rituals and processes. These marriages are not influenced by any kind of muhurats. Till now, more than 1.5 lakh marriages have been performed in this manner. Are we geared up to fight against this evil? Are the youth ready to take a vow that they will not take dowry? Are the young women courageous enough to say that they are not ready to be ‘sold’ and will not give dowry? If this happens, then our country can become more financially secure and socially healthy and harmonious nation. Our aim is to become the torchbearer for establishing global harmony and peace – a sense of unity in diversity – in the whole world.

✍🏻 Pranav Pandya
📖 From Akhand Jyoti

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