बुधवार, 29 नवंबर 2017

👉 What holds us back from fully manifesting our potentialities?

🔶 A human being as an embodied soul is not as insignificant as he thinks himself to be. He is the highly evolved creation on earth of the Supreme Creator. Not only does he stand at the head of all other creatures, his achievements are also amazingly extraordinary. Nature’s wealth lies at his feet. The animal kingdom is under his control. His bodily configuration is not only unique but his senses are also richly endowed with qualities of spreading joy and bliss all around. There is no other creature who has got such a unique body.

🔷 His mental faculty is marvelously creative. Where other creatures can think of only self-preservation, a human mind is capable of making the best use of the present by learning from the events of the past and planning the future. He is endowed with two invaluable gifts of spirituality and science, which make him capable of accessing anything in the mundane and the divine worlds.

🔶 With these unique gifts of the Creator, considering oneself to be insignificant is ridiculous. The cause of this sense of inadequacy and insignificance is lack of willpower. Due to lack of self-confidence, a person tries to seek the help of others in order to solve his problems, to get rid of his difficulties and to avail of favorable opportunities. But who has the time to rush for his help? One gets success in one’s aim only when one stands on one’s own feet and, believing in one’s own capabilities, tries to move forward resolutely with the available resources and intelligence. It must be clearly understood that the willpower is the greatest force in this world. It is a superbly powerful magnet, which attracts every desired object towards itself.

📖 From Pragya Puran

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