गुरुवार, 16 जुलाई 2020

👉 Thoughts are Seeds of Deeds

Narrow-mindedness, selfish boundaries, and misery are certainly not the natural components of the Supreme Creation of the Almighty. These kinds of heinous things are the products of our vices, our wrong ambitions and thoughts. Because of our ignorance and unawareness, they have silently invaded our inner self too and eaten much of our inner strength and sublime powers. This is why, our progress or wellbeing largely remains confined to the body and physical resources; there is hardly any sign of mental, intellectual or emotional evolution, spiritual refinement or growth of virtuous prosperity.

There is only one cause of all misery and agony in this world and that is – the misdeeds of humans. And what drives it? Maligned thinking. Thoughts are like seeds which give rise to the trees of karmas (actions); joy, sorrows and sufferings are their fruits.

It is indeed pathetic that despite living in the limitless treasure of joy that Nature is, we shut our inner self in the narrow barriers of prejudiced convictions and selfish passions. As a result, we get entrapped in the smog of abrupt, fallacious, irrelevant thoughts and often remain fearful, jealous, worried and depressed in one way or the other. All our misery is an outcome of our inner bankruptcy. Its time we realize it and improve ourselves right from the root of our thinking rather than attributing our failures and sorrows to – “ill omen”, “lack of resources or support” or “destined life”.

📖  Akhand Jyoti, Sept. 1945

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