बुधवार, 15 अप्रैल 2020

👉 Darkness to Light

Truth! Truth!! Truth!!! What a force and impact this word carries that even uttering this word seems to sooth the tongue, thought of it itself gives some light to the mind and feeling of it rejuvenates the heart. The transition from falsehood to truth is an ascent from filthy mire to pious skies, a transmutation from beastly instincts, devilish darkness to divine virtues and eternal light.

Truth is absolute, eternal. God is Truth, the Soul is Truth, God’s creation of Nature is Truth; Truth is Omnipresent. It is the ultimate goal of life; truth is the ceaseless perennial quest of the individual self, for which it takes birth, life after life, Age after Age… This life is bestowed upon us as yet another opportunity to realize the ultimate truth and savor the nectar of infinite bliss.

It is pitiable that we remain ignorant of this fact that – what we think of the world around (and die hunting for the mirage of joy in it) is not true; it is nothing but the image of our own perception. Once you understand this fact, you will turn towards truth. You will become a follower of Truth; it will be your ideal; an integral part of your character. “Truth” will then show you the divine radiance of your inner self.

If every word, every deed of yours is truthful, the world will truthfully honor you and you will inspire many others towards its noble path. The Vedic teaching reminds all of us to follows the path of truth – “Asato Ma Sadgamaya”, as this is the only source of auspicious welfare of all…

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Jan. 1942

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