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Q.1. What is the significance of Yagya in spirituality?              
Ans. Gayatri has been regarded as the mother and, Yagya as father of Indian spiritual tradition. Yagya finds place in all sacred and auspicious ceremonies in Indian culture. In Gayatri Upasana too, it is essential. The number of oblations in Havan may preferably be one-tenth of the number of  Japs in an Anusthan or Purascharan. However, if it is not found convenient, one-tenth of this number would also suffice.
The spiritual birth of a human being who is otherwise born as any other animal, takes place on his initiation by a Guru, whereafter he becomes a Dwij with Yagya and Gayatri as his parents. It, therefore, becomes obligatory for him to serve his spiritual parents.   

Scriptures prescribe daily ritual of Balivaishwa which means initially offering a small morsel of everyday food as an oblation to fire. (Saying a prayer at the dining table too is a variant of this ritual)  Poornahuti and Brahmabhoj are essential at the end of the Yagya. If one is not able to participate in a Yagya on account of some contingency, a coconut may be offered as oblation as Poornahuti somewhere else, where a large Yagya is being performed.

✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
📖 Gayatri Sadhna truth and distortions Page 63

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