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👉 The Absolute Law Of Karma (Part 18)

(Karmas done with strong emotional involvement):

It is obvious that this process is not unilateral. Divine justice makes souls of both the sinner and the sinned interact in complementary environment. This complex process at time takes several cycles of life and death. We know that in this world, too, it requires a long time and consideration of numerous factors before two individuals become life partners as husband and wife. (The popular saying that “Marriages are made in heaven” indirectly refers to the coincidence of samsakars of the bride and the groom. The pain of separation in a divorce, too, is a consequence of sinful karmas of past lives.)

We may further try to understand the course of divine justice by an analogy in a natural phenomenon. A shrub in Africa called Venus grows to a height of about three meters. Out of its branches spread out thin threadlike offshoots. These keep on growing and swaying in the air till they meet another shrub and they become mutually intertwined. Sometimes these shrubs meet each other barely after a growth of a few centimeters, whereas the others succeed in doing so after growing for a few meters. This is the way the fruits of karmas ripen for interaction over different spans of time.

The punishment for the exclusively physical sins is physical and is given without much delay. (Consumption of poison results in immediate death.) Mental chastisement, on the other hand, is neither instantaneous nor is it unilateral. For instance, if, because of his cruel nature, someone commits a murder and is caught red-handed, the state awards a death sentence. On the contrary, if the killer commits the offence secretly, the inner conscience does not punish him immediately. It would wait for an environment for creating in his psyche an aversion for violence, by making the sinner feel the same degree of pain, which was felt by his victim. That is why, at times, morally vile persons are found rejoicing and righteous ones suffering in life. The enforcer of Divine Law takes time in preparing an appropriate environment for dispensing just rewards and punishments.

.... to be continue
✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
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The absolute law of karma is excellent and every child, teen, adult and senior citizens must know about it. Please spread this message to all by conducting meetings, seminars, debates or spiritual programs or thru electronic media. This yagna will change the era towards good governance inline with ram rajjam.

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