गुरुवार, 15 मार्च 2018

👉 God Suffered due to His Ruthless Devotee

🔷 A devotee used to take bath in the river Ganga every morning and take its water to offer in a nearby temple. This was his daily practice. One day, on his way to the temple, the devotee he saw a sick man suffering from high fever. The poor man had been lying there the whole night. Seeing the devotee passing by, the sick man pleaded for some water. The devotee sharply scolded him, "You idiot! How dare you ask for this holy water? I am taking it to the temple to offer it to God. There may be hundreds like you lying around sick, should I waste my time offering them water and ignore the God?" And he went ahead and offered the water in the temple as usual.

🔶 That night the devotee had a horrible dream. He saw that the God had become horribly sick. The devotee asked him about the cause of his sickness. And God said grimly," You did not help a suffering man. Ignoring the need of a sick person, you offered the water to me. This is the cause of my sickness." The devotee was alarmed and woke up in a shock. From the next day he dedicated his time to help the suffering regularly, since he had now understood the true form of worship.

📖 From Akhand Jyoti

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