मंगलवार, 26 दिसंबर 2017

👉 Significance of donating the Time (Part 1)

🔶 This is such a critical phase of time that no man believes other man. The clouds of terrorism are seen dispersed all around. You go out on the road but not sure of who walking with you or beside you would snatch your chain on knife-point, whom to believe? The character, the thought and the general behavior of man has so worsened that none would believe other if atmosphere is not changed. A bother will not believe his brother; a wife will not believe husband and vice versa; father will not believe son and son will not believe father; so valueless, so inferior and so mean time has come now because the nature is displeased with us.

🔷 The faith overall is seen being broken down all around. If  found easy, it rains somewhere heavily and when found easy, it allows droughts for long somewhere other ignoring the actual cyclic nature of environment. The weather has turned irregular. No one can say now for sure whether the there will be rain in usual season of rain or not. Also now nothing can be said whether cold will be there in usual winter season and so is about summer also. When the earthquake will come? No one can say when; when a volcano will break out? No one can say; when there will be a flood? No one can say. There is no regulation at all. The nature has gone wild, irregular and disordered on account of its annoyance with us.

🔶 It is such a dangerous time. Whether you feel you do not have any responsibility in such a crucial time? Whether you have no duty in this regard? Whether you have no sentiments? Have you have turned senseless? Has your heart become irony and stony? No, I feel so is not the position with all. However it is the case with majority of people that they have become valueless and wicked like an animal. I expect at least you not to concentrate yourself only on food and giving birth to a child all the time.

✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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