सोमवार, 4 दिसंबर 2017

👉 Not only self-introspection but also self-refinement

🔶 Mutual sharing and caring is a common human trait. It is by this process of ‘give and take’ that the entire universe is sustained. This process is seen to be working incessantly among matter, vegetation and other sentient creatures. Contributing towards the sustenance of this process is essential.

🔷 However, it should be remembered that it is self-reliance that is the prime factor in worldly success and in self - growth of human soul. Those who are dependent on others can neither sustain their lives nor move forward on the path of self-growth.

🔶 Everyone is familiar with the gravitational force of the Earth. This force attracts everything towards the Earth. A human being too has a magnetic field of his own. This not only holds together similar people, objects and favourable circumstances but also pulls them towards itself forcibly. A person instinctively searches a like - minded friend. The water of rivers ultimately reaches the ocean. The ocean again returns this water to the source of rivers through its messengers – the clouds.

🔷 One should develop worthiness in tune with one’s aspirations. There is a natural law which rewards according to one’s worthiness. Therefore, instead of knocking at other’s door for help and succour, we should not only introspect ourselves but also try to uplift and refine ourselves according to the light given to us during introspection. This is the highway to success in all fields.

📖 From Akhand Jyoti

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