बुधवार, 27 सितंबर 2017

👉 Cub between wolves

🔴 A wolf found a lion’s child in a very infant stage and kept it with his own children. The cub never recognized himself growing in the community of wolves. Once this family went for hunting. As they pounced over a dead elephant, a lion appeared. The lion asked the cub the reason for him being with the wolves and why was he getting afraid of him.

🔵 The cub was not able to understand what was going on. The lion understood the situation looking at the situation. He showed him his image in water and then again his face. Then he roared and asked him to do so. Then he realized of his original self and went back to his community and roamed fearlessly.

🔴 There are a large number of people who forget their self and wander in dreams.

🌹 From Pragya Puran

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