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👉 Freedom of Karma

Among all the life-forms, only human form is the one in which the being is given freedom of actions (karma). The marvelous faculties of conscious and unconscious mind, intellect, and the sense of self-identity are gifted to a human mainly so that he could make best use of these in his actions – intellect is given for reasoning; mind for thinking and pondering over the reasoned thoughts and testing every action whether it is good or bad, weather it is worth one’s dignity as a human. If one does not make sane use of this unique privilege, he shall not only be the loser but also a culprit of defying the preeminent duty assigned by the Supreme Creator.

Freedom of karma is a birth right of every human being. But, no one has the freedom to escape the karmas. The system of Nature is such that every creature has to do its essential karmas for survival. Nature does not allow any other creature to do anything against its nature. Humans, because of the liberty of karmas, can attempt diversified actions. But not doing any karma is impossible for everyone. Nature will automatically pull one towards some karma as per one’s intrinsic tendencies. This is what Lord Krishna reminds Arjuna in the holy Gita.

The Omnipresent Consciousness of God is present in every soul. Those who escape from their karmas and those who try going against the Law of Karma are further entrapped in the illusion of HIS maya.

📖  Akhand Jyoti, Oct. 1946

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