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👉 Enthusiasm with a Check of Maturity

You should be a real master and not the slave of your sense organs. You can’t enjoy even the pleasure of the senses for long without observing self-continence. Running after ever-new passions ceases peace from your life and results in varieties of weaknesses and self-invited worries.

Being driven by sensual lust is against the human-nature and human-religion. Sri Bhagvad Gita is regarded as the treatise of ideal life. Its guidance will be accomplished in your life only if you succeed in its prerequisite of self-discipline over your senses. Without the endeavors of self-restrain, you can’t proceed in any yoga-sadhana of spiritual refinement; it is a must for achieving something worth on the worldly fronts as well. The Sitar of life produces melodious music only if its wires are controlled carefully.

Just think of the fate of the horse-rider who can’t hold the bridle of the horse. Appropriate control over the horse is a must if the rider wants to reach somewhere safely. The same is about the agile horse of mind in the journey of life. Prudent vigil and self-restrain are essentials for progress, peace and happiness.

Some audacious youths regard discipline as a barrier against their enthusiasm and energy; they want to break all mental, social and national norms. But this puts them and many others into trouble and harms everyone. Alertness and guidance of matured wisdom are as necessary with zest in life as was Krishna’s support to Arjuna in the Mahabharat war. If humans are intelligent beings, they should note that steadfastness and farsightedness are signs of intelligence.

📖  Akhand Jyoti, May 1946

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