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👉 Chiseled Refinement of Life

It’s the law of Nature that stress and struggle of particles generate force and motion. Friction and violent movement though appear harsh, but are necessary for sharpened gaze. The yellow metal gets its golden bright glow only after being heated and hammered. An ordinary piece of stone or metal becomes magnificent sculptures or precious idols only after undergoing hard hitting and shrill cutting.

The same is true of human life. Glory of life sparkles only after passing through testing times, bearing the tough disciplines, pains and difficulties on the path of ideals. Those who can rise and march against obstructions and opposition alone can reach high goals. You can hardly find any great life or eminent success that was achieved by any one without unflinching efforts and examinations.

Devout endeavors of penance and adoption of ascetic disciplines for selfpurification and self-transformation are described as tapasya (tapa). Chiseled refinement of life is the essence of tapa. This awakens hidden powers and sublime potentials. Vedic history has witnessed how great tapaswis have been able to conquer heavens by the spiritual force of their tapasya. The best devotion of the life-God is tapa. It is the only means of glorious accomplishments.

Remember, only those gain importance and reverence in this world, who can smile in hardships and who can enjoy the pains of tapaspya for noble aims.

📖  Akhand Jyoti, Oct. 1945

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