शनिवार, 13 जून 2020

👉 Where is God?

Many of us feel an inner urge to find God. We also make several attempts, but find no clues. He is said to be Omnipresent, so He should be everywhere? Then why, despite our devoted efforts, we can’t find him anywhere? Some people spend lot of wealth and all their time in religious rituals and activities aimed at HIS search but remain in the void. Some get frustrated and lose faith in HIS existence. Who is right? What is the truth?

Well, the universal fact is – God is Eternal, Omnipresent. The flaw is in your approach. You can’t find him by worldly attempts or by any ascetic means either. It is only a pure heart full of love that can feel and find God. Learn to love the soul, love every one, every thing around you. You don’t have to renounce the world and go to the forests or high mountaintops, or spend time and resources in any sacrament to experiences HIS light. HE is everywhere, so rest assured, HE is also near you, within you. Where? Within your soul. Have you ever bothered to listen to the voice of your soul? No! This is why you are not able to experience God.

Just think, who governs your life force, who inspires auspicious sentiments or motivate you for noble deeds? Whose voice is that which warns you against doing something wrong or harming someone? You may ignore that inner voice. But that is the voice of God indwelling in your inner self. It is only in the deeper depths of your own self that you can find HIM.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Apr 1944

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