गुरुवार, 18 जून 2020

👉 A Simple Sadhana of Gyana Yoga

Good name and fame, power, prosperity, high qualification, talents, reputed status, are regarded as measures of achievements in worldly life. These are all fruits of the tree of knowledge. You can’t earn worldly success or excel without knowledge – be that in the form of awareness, information, education, skilled training, sane experience, or inner Light. Dissemination of knowledge for the enlightened welfare of others is the highest kind of donation. Feeding a needy with few meals would serve only temporary help; the lasting help would be to give him the light, show the path that will lead to his self-dependence and respectful future.

A disease might be treated by a medicine prescribed by a doctor. But one can’t survive on medicine or tonics all the time for vigorous health. If you want to sustain good health, you will have to have and use the knowledge of preventive care and maintaining stamina etc. Only the spark of knowledge could uproot avarice, desperation, tension, apprehension, sorrow, and other mental weaknesses and psychological complaints, which make our lives burdensome.

All the prosperity and might of the world together cannot control these 10 complexities; rather they tend to augment the vices and worries in the absence of proper knowledge. True knowledge alone is the key to peace and happiness in this life and the life beyond. This alone enables evolution of an ordinary mortal being into great personalities. There is no better alms, no better gift then knowledge.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, May. 1944

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