बुधवार, 10 जून 2020

👉 The Only Source of Inner Joy

God has set a marvelous interdependence within and between the conscious and the inanimate components of Nature in order to maintain the eternal beauty and harmonious functioning of His grand creation. The uncountable numbers of stars and planets revolving in the limitless Universe are mutually connected by natural forces of attraction. Any break in this connectivity would disturb the maintained equilibrium and stability and result in gigantic collision and devastation of the universal system. The same is true of the mutual affinity of the living beings. Just imagine! If a mother does not have a feeling of love or affection for her child, or there is no binding of love between husband and wife, brother and brother, and other family members, then what will be the state of family institution? Lack of the feelings of affectionate caring, amity, cooperation, etc would ruin the entire social system as the letter is founded on these sentiments and consequent unity of its members. Dry-hearts and cruelty would destroy the sense of beauty from Nature…

A sublime spring of pure love is flowing deep within every heart. If we like to be happy, and prosper in an ambience of peace, we will have to awaken the feeling of love in our heart; this should not be an emotional excitement, rather, a feeling of compassion, generosity, honesty, humility, sensitivity, care and respect for others. Those who adopted this divine attitude on every front of their life are truly religious and followers of God. The world reciprocates to them accordingly.

Every moment, every circumstance is auspicious for them.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Feb. 1944

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