मंगलवार, 23 जून 2020

👉 Crying Is of No Use

God has gifted you with enormous abilities and potentials and sent you to live a graceful life. HE does not want to see that one of his children is honored on a throne and the other suffers a downtrodden, homeless life. All the children are alike and beloved to the father; he cares for everyone; and wants to see everyone happy.

If you are unhappy or tearful, it is not HIS flaw. You are making yourself unhappy, because of your ignorance, vices and infirmities, ruining the opportunities bestowed by HIM. Human life is the best thing God has blessed upon you. Look at the potentials of your body, your mind; these are the tools, by which you can rise, progress from wherever you are. Crying of the scarcities or adversities, screaming for help, cursing your destiny won’t do any good to you.

You have to recognize your own strength and make best use of it in the given circumstances. You are the architect of your own destiny. Those who make constructive use of the powers bequeathed by God are always happy. Those who aspire a lot but make no efforts, or do not struggle with the adverse circumstances, do nothing but cry and hope of some help from somewhere, remain unhappy or worried most of their life. Come on! Get up! Realize your true existence! Awaken your self-dignity. There is no trouble, no hardship or misfortune, which can rule over you. You are born to live happily and rise. Know your powers, assemble and make use of them with sincere, thoughtful efforts.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Nov. 1944

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