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👉 Conquering the Mind Wins the World

Restraining or disciplining the mind is the biggest battle of human life. The agile mind is the most dreaded and nearest enemy of the individual self. The peculiarity of this battle is that it continues throughout, every moment of one’s life till the triumph of the self. One needs to recognize the real self and apply its sublime willpower. But the perennial trouble is that most often, the “self” cannot distinguish itself from the mind and what one regards as willpower is also usually a delusion with that of the dominating tendency of the mind.

The best thing to proceed with is – first control the agility of mind by engaging it constantly in some constructive activities and focused thinking that might interest it. Once it is trained in concentration the level of activity and thoughts could be gradually refined. The true nature of mind, which is driven by the inner inspiration, will then begin to manifest. So the most important thing is to refine your intrinsic desires. But again, the complicacy is that you will need the support of mind till this purification comes into effect. Nevertheless, starting with small steps, you should continue your march with firm determination and selfvigilance.

Sensual passions and cravings are most prominent distraction and hindrance in this process of self-disciplining. You should therefore prepare (in your mind) an army of good thoughts and courageous examples to counter these the moment they arise. Just change your position, movement and activity at that time and start recalling the stored treasure of enlightening memories. This simple practice, with strong will, will gradually, though slowly, tune your mind with positive thinking and the inspirations of the real self. Your mind will then become your greatest friend. True! A self-disciplined and illumined mind is like an angel.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, March 1945

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