सोमवार, 29 जून 2020

👉 Be Your Own Master

You often grasp unnecessary messages from what others say. What others comment about you seem to matter more to you. This way you annoy and worry yourself and complain that people don’t let you live in peace. Your own attitude is the major cause of your worries, so you trouble yourself more. Why should you get carried away by others’ comment – compliments or criticism? A wise and self-confident man does what he determines to do. He is never perturbed by what others say. He is firm and focused to march towards the goal.

Socrates was made to drink poison by the mightiest of his time, but no one could change his faith, his views. Banda Bairagi was forced to wear a wolf-skin and roam around in his town while his face was painted dark. But even this torturous insult could not distract him from his chosen path.

Dying for others’ praise, following the popular trends, getting disturbed by negative comments or criticism of others – are clear signs of mental weaknesses. You must remember that following the crowd can lead you nowhere. You have to be your own master if you want to ascend in life. Learn to think prudently on your own. Sharpen your decision-making powers. Follow the righteous path of your duties honestly; just ignore what others would say. If you don’t have the courage to stand and walk on your own, you don’t deserve to be independent.

📖  Akhand Jyoti, May 1945

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