गुरुवार, 21 मई 2020

👉 Learn to Share

You are really fortunate if God has endowed you with vigor, brilliance, knowledge, power, prosperity and glory. Then your life must be progressive and joyful in the worldly sense. But this success or joy would be momentary and won’t be fulfilling, if you keep your resources and belongings closed to your chest and use them only for your selfish interests. Your joy, your satisfaction would expand exponentially if you learn to distribute them and share whatever you have with many others.

Try to spend at least a fraction of your wealth, your resources for the needy. Your help will not only give them support to rise and progress, more importantly, it will bestow the spiritual benefits of being kind and altruistic. This will augment your happiness manifold. Those being helped by you will also be happy and thus the stock of joy in the world will also expand.

Distributing and sharing with a sight of altruistic wisdom and a feel of compassion provide the golden key to unalloyed joy. God has been so kind to you; you should also be kind to others. God is defined as the eternal source of infinite bliss because HIS mercy pervades everywhere for all creatures, for everything; HIS divine powers are omnipresent; every impulse of joy is an expression of HIS beatitude.

You should see the dignity of HIS divine creation in this world. God has also given you an opportunity to glorify your life by selflessly spreading HIS auspicious grace…

📖 Akhand Jyoti, April 1943

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