शनिवार, 25 अप्रैल 2020

👉 Soul: The Identity of Truth

If we want to know the meaning, the purpose, the nature of our life, we must know our own self, our soul. Without that we keep wandering in the infinite trap of illusion and the immensity of worldly circumstances without even having the sight of our goal.
If you want to see the light of wisdom, want to excel in the truest sense, you must first accept and ponder over the preeminence of your soul. If you want to live respectful life, learn to respect your soul. Spiritual evolution would begin and eventually lead to unification of your soul (individual self) with the Supreme Soul (God) only if you purify, enlighten your self up to virtuous levels. For that, you will have to recognize and experience the divinity hidden in your soul.

Refinement and rise from inferior to superior, evil to nobility, is possible only if you realize that your soul, your inner self is originally a reflection of the divine. Respecting your inner self, your soul-reality does not mean that you become egotist or arrogant or have some superiority complex. In fact, that would be just a contrary act, a blunder of your ignorance. So be careful and understand that the respect of your own self means honor of your soul, your eternal impersonal self.

You should attempt to see the light of divinity indwelling in it, see the presence of God in it and worship it by sublime illumination of your heart, mind and conduct. Remembering it every moment should remind you that you are breathing in the presence of God and should edify your aspirations, your thoughts, your deeds accordingly.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, June 1942

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