शनिवार, 18 अप्रैल 2020

👉 The Light of Truth

I have seen wonderful things in this world and have experienced a log, but I have not yet found any thing, which is greater than “Truth”. So many sparkling lights are there in this world but the great savants regard only the Light of Truth as the true Light. If one follows the religion of truthfulness then he is truly religious; he does not need to adopt any other religion then… The physical body can be cleansed by water but the cleanliness and sanctity of mind is possible only by truthfulness. The heart, which is purified by truth, can rule over all hearts.

A truthful person is revered in the scriptures as the greatest ascetic devotee, supreme charitable person. Siddhis (supernatural successes) will lie under his feet. What else could be bigger glory for a person other than being known as “truthful”…

Speaking truth is not only the utterance of fact as it is, it should also be auspicious and should not hurt or insult anyone. It’s better to keep quite, rather than telling a truth that harms someone and does not help anybody’s welfare. Don’t tell a lie or anything, which is false, which is not acceptable to you from within or which is unwise or unnecessary. Remember that adoption of falsehood
hurts your inner self and invites your soul’s anger and curse.

Be truthful; don’t feel shy or scared in following the path of justice. Make sure that what you think as fair is truly so, then remain firm on it forever…

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Jan. 1942

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