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Q.11. How can one derive maximum benefit from daily Gayatri Upasana during mornings and evenings?

Ans. Regularity in morning and evening Gayatri Upasana must be strictly adhered to. Although total involvement and concentration are essential ingredients of Upasana, this alone is not enough. For keeping good health, one is required to perform a minimum amount of manual labour to digest and assimilate the meals taken during the day. Likewise, to reap the fruits of worship, it is essential to adopt Upasana and Sadhana simultaneously.   

To integrate Upasana, and Sadhana one is required to instill maximum degree of faith (Nistha) in Upasana. Nistha is reflected as steadfastness in keeping one’s words and maintaining discipline and regularity in habits. Incorporation of Nistha in Sadhana enhances steadfastness, which in turn provides strength  to the inherent power of resolution and sufficient spiritual strength. The cumulative effect of these attributes helps and inspires the Sadhak in adopting a strict self-discipline which is called Tapascharya. For Anusthans, these attributes are particularly essential. If  these attributes are incorporated in the day to day routine of worship the level of Sadhana rises to that of an Anusthan.

Q.12. How can I raise the level of my day-to-day Upasana to get the benefit of Anusthan?

Ans. It requires five hundred thousand Japs a year at the rate of 15 Malas per day. Sadhana of this type is known as an Abhiyan Sadhana. Although this number is achievable simply by 15 cycles of Mala each day, it is customary to supplement it with two ‘Laghu Anusthans’ of twenty four thousand Japs each during Navratari which falls in the month of Chaitra (15th March to 15th April )and Ashwin (15th August to 15th Sept.). Even otherwise, this practice is commonly followed by all Sadhaks. Additional Sadhana during Navratris (nine auspicious days occurring twice a year) further adds to the benefits of Abhiyan Sadhana.

✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
📖 Gayatri Sadhna truth and distortions Page 57

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