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Q.9. On what should one concentrate during Upasana?

Ans. Those believing in Divinity ‘with form’ (Sakar) are advised to concentrate on an idol or picture of Gayatri, whereas those having faith in formless God (Nirakar) may concentrate in the central, part of the sun, all the while imagining that the ethereal solar energy is permeating and purifying the trio of, physical (Sthool) subtle (Sooksham)  and causal (Karan) bodies of the Sadhak). During Upasana, it is necessary to concentrate one’s thoughts exclusively on the deity. Persistent attempts should be made to restrain thoughts from wandering. Extraneous thoughts should not be allowed to enter the mind.

Q.10. How does one meditate on Savita?

Ans. Spiritual tradition in India considers Gayatri as the most powerful medium for invocation of Savita, the omnipresent cosmic energy of God operating the natural functions in the animate beings (flora and fauna) and in the inanimate objects (e.g. as fission and fusion, magnetism and gravity in planets and stars). Since this energy is manifestly (visibly) received all over this planet through solar (and invisible stellar) radiations, it is logical to consider the Sun as the representative of Savita. Experience shows that there is maximum absorption of this energy at dawn.

While meditating on the rising Sun, the devotee has the advantage of interacting with Savita with each of his/her three bodies. The physical body (Sthul Sharir) is conceptualised as being purified by permeation of solar energy through the millions of pores in the body. The process of conceptualisation as Savita interacting with the subtle body (Sukcham sharir), purifies the “Ideosphere” and deeply meditating about integrating one’s individual identity with the cosmic existence of Savita, the devotee interacts through the causal Body (Karan Sharir). (Ref. Upasana Ke Do Charan - Jap Aur Dhyan).

✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
📖 Gayatri Sadhna truth and distortions Page 53

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