शनिवार, 29 जून 2019

👉 Moments of self-expression 29 June 2019

◇ A wandering monk once visited the city of Mithila, ruled by the Sage King Janaka. “Who is the best teacher around here?” He asked We have to create strength where it does not exist; we have to change our natures, and become new men with new hearts, to be born again… We need a nucleus of men in whom the Shakti is developed to its uttermost extent, in whom it fills every corner of the personality and overflows to fertilize the earth. These, having the fire of Bhawani in their hearts and brains, will go forth and carry the flame to every nook and cranny of our land.
Sri Aurobindo

★ A student asked his teacher: "Who are the two angels who nurture life?" "Heart and tongue", was the reply. The next question was: “Who are the two demons who destroy life?" "Heart and tongue", was the reply again. The cruelty or tenderness of heart and tongue makes a person mean or great respectively.

■ It is already becoming clearer that a chapter which has a western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in the self-destruction of human race…. At this supremely dangerous moment in history, the only way of salvation for mankind is the Indian way.
Arnold Toynbee

□ By simplifying our lives, we rediscover our child-like stalk of innocents that reconnects us with the central resin of our innate humanity that knows truth and goodness. To see the world through a lens of youthful rapture is to see life for what it can be and to see for ourselves what we wish to become. In this beam of newly discovered ecstasy for life, we realize the splendor of love, life, and the unbounded beauty of the natural world.
Kilroy J. Oldste

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