मंगलवार, 12 फ़रवरी 2019

👉 Self-confidence is the key to success

If you consider someone as happy and successful, then closely study the course of his life. If possible, ask him directly – ‘Have you never encountered any problems in your life?’ Then you will know that peace and prosperity have not been showered on him randomly from the sky. His life has also been tested and tried by difficulties and problems as yours is being tested now. When you realize this truth, again try to investigate – ‘Who liberated him from that web of distress?’ Did any magician come and wave his magic wand and all his problems vanished? On exploring deeply, you will find that it is his self-confidence that has been mainly helpful in overcoming the problems. When all the near and dear ones had left him alone, it was this self-confidence that assured him that there was hope and inspired him to resolutely go on trying against all odds.

Believe me! Your present problems are the result of your lack of will and self-confidence. You have accepted defeat without fight. You have developed a negative attitude that you cannot do anything; you cannot overcome the distress. You are finding darkness all around. There is no one to show you the light; there seems no way for you to get rid of the suffering. Now awaken your self-confidence, and with an optimistic attitude evaluate the resources at hand, though they might appear relatively meager, and try to utilize them to solve your problems. Within a short time you will find that the circumstances have started changing for the better; the hopelessness has turned into hope and failure has started turning into success.

📖 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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