गुरुवार, 15 नवंबर 2018

👉 Why society?

🔶 The main difference between man and animal is that man establishes and lives in a society and progresses together through cooperation and mutual support whereas animals mostly live isolated self-contained lives. Animals fulfill their own needs one way or another by themselves or live in groups and jointly defend themselves against predators. This, however, this isn’t good enough to be tagged as living in a society. On the other hand, it is man’s second nature to live in society or have a community spirit. It is absolutely inherent in his nature or his innate instinct.

🔷 The offspring of birds and animals become self-reliable very quickly after their birth and therefore, they forget their intimate connection (blood relation) with their parents. This may one of the underlying factors responsible for the lack of lasting mutual loving and caring feelings amongst them. On the other hand, human beings remain dependent on their parents or guardians for very long after birth which may be one of the main reason for their lasting mutual bond.If we ponder a bit more deeply on this subject, we will understand that the dependence of offspring on their parents or guardians do not end when they become adults but keep existing as have to rely on the society in countless areas in life.

✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
📖 Jivan Devtā kī sādhanā-ārādhana Vangmay 53 Page 2.18

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