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👉 Significance of Symbolism & Customs of Indian Culture (Part 2)

In (Bio) chemical sciences, line-diagrams or networks of lines and circles with syllables of atom-names are used as schematic representations of molecular structures. A more evolved and structured coding system (in terms of geometric designs/symbols, or specific objects) was devised by the Vedic sages (the founders of Indian Culture) to represent transcendent and manifested elements and energy current/fields existing in Nature. These symbols (matrikas and yantras) have multiple meanings in terms of physical, mental and spiritual expressions and effects. Prominent among these symbols are outlined below (details in [5]).

🔷 ॐ (Oam): The symbol of self-existent, omnipresent element of the ‘sound’ of the evolutionary vibration of Brahm; concise representation of the combined spiritual energy fields of the divine forces of trinity gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Researchers of yoga-science and spiritual healing have found, and millions of yoga-practitioners across the world have experienced, significant soothing and rejuvenating effects of meditative chants of “Oam”.

🔶 (Swastika): The symbol of the manifested energy (of Brahm) subtly spread in all cosmic directions that accounts for auspiciousness and wellbeing.

🔷 Sikha (Hair knot, tied at centre of the head) and Sutra (sacred thread or yagvopavita hanged from left shoulder till the navel: Sikha symbolizes the presence of discerning intellect, farsightedness and the deity of knowledge upon our head. It is like a flag hoisted at the suture (the central junctions of all major nerves) of dignified values and virtues of humanity. Awareness of righteousness, moral responsibilities and social duties of human life are worn on our shoulders and kept attached to our hearts in symbolic form as the Sutra.

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