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👉 Awakening of Supernormal Faculties Through Sadhana (Part3 )

🔷 The seeker has to mould his thinking as well as activities according to the set goal. Musicians do not become expert in either vocal or instrumental music in a day. They have to make a persistent effort. In the absence of practice, the voice of a vocalist sounds erratic and jarring and the fingers of an instrumentalist lack coordination. A true artist remains indifferent both to the reaction of the audience and to the remuneration paid to him. He feels contented with the joy derived from his daily sadhana of music.

🔶 A true devotee of art would maintain his inner peace even if he does not get any immediate and tangible reward or recognition for his art. He would continue to do his sadhana of music without any lessening of interest, even though he may have to dwell in a hut in a remote forest. The mental make-up of a person practicing atma sadhana should have at least this much dedication and commitment. Dancers, actors, sculptors, etc. know the importance of daily practice to maintain their art. Soldiers participate compulsorily in routine parades to maintain their skills of marksmanship and fighting.

🔷 Fulfilment of an inner resolution (samkalpa) for some worldly purpose may be achieved by performing the specific sadhana of chanting a particular mantra for a fixed number of times. But the mere ritual will not satisfy a true aspirant of atma sadhana. He understands that in order to mine the gems of his hidden talents he must plunge into the silent depths of his inner self daily and persistently. Brushing teeth, bathing, washing the clothes etc. is a part of daily routine. One cannot ignore them. The perturbed and perverse environment of the outer world pollutes the inner-consciousness. If it is not cleaned out every day, pollutants keep on accumulating and ultimately give rise to some serious problems....

📖 Akhand Jyoti, May June 2003

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