सोमवार, 3 सितंबर 2018

👉 Awakening of Supernormal Faculties Through Sadhana (Part 1)

🔷 A human being is a repository of innumerable potentials. Being the highest creation of God (Supreme Consciousness) on earth, human beings have, in principle, inherited all His divine attributes. Nevertheless, God has placed necessary safeguards against the misuse of these faculties. These divine capabilities are accessible only to those who have the wisdom of their righteous use. It is a time-tested principle of Nature that boons are granted according to the worthiness of the aspirant.

🔶 All those who have risen to great heights could do so only by practising this principle in their lives. The principle of accessing supernormal faculties (siddhi) through sadhana (self-discipline) is unquestionable. In fact, through the medium of deities, we endeavour to infuse self-discipline in ourselves. It has been possible for mankind to achieve material and cultural progress through the formulation and observance of the necessary codes of conduct and behaviour for the control and refinement of the wayward and crude impulses of the lower human self.

🔷 Those who aspire for self-transformation have to adopt this practice of conscious self-discipline in their lives. Human life, with myriads of latent physical, mental and spiritual qualities, may be likened to a garden of sweet fruits. Even if only a few of these qualities are cultivated systematically, one can relish the fruits of joy. But if the baser tendencies and bodily habits are left undisciplined, they run amuck. Such aimless life leads to the growth of thorny bushes of misery and suffering in the garden of life. Like a kalpavriksha (a mythological tree supposed to fulfil every desire of a person sitting beneath it), the human life is potentially full of innumerable precious gifts. One can benefit from these divine gifts only when life's energies are properly focused, disciplined and directed towards noble deeds. The efforts made towards this end have been called sadhana.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, May June 2003

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