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👉 Who is Religious?

👉 Who is Religious?

Love, compassion, generosity, kindness, devotion, zeal, honesty, truthfulness, unflinching faith in divine values, etc – are the natural virtues of the soul. Their presence in a person is the sign of his/her spirituality. These alone are the source of spiritual elevation. These are also the perennial means of inner strength. Your endeavors for cultivating these qualities in your character must continue with greater intensity till your personality is fully imbibed with them. One who achieves this, he/she alone is truly spiritual and religious; he/she alone is worthy of meeting God – being beatified by thy grace.

Devotion of God is not confined to a specific religious cult or rituals. It lies in the deepest core of the inner emotions. Those who chant God’s name need not be religious; truly religious are those who follow the divine disciplines, adopt divine values in their conduct. Guiding the path to unification of the soul with God – inculcation of divinity in the human-self, is the foundational purpose of religion. Blessed are those who grasp this noble truth of religion and devotion.

Those who have reached this state of devotion would deserve attaining the eternal light of ultimate knowledge. They can realize God in their pure hearts and experience the absolute bliss forever…

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Jan. 1941

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