मंगलवार, 7 अप्रैल 2020

👉 Watch Your Attitude

To most of us the hardships, adversities and challenges of life seem to be intractable like gigantic mountains, dreadful like wild giants, and frightening like impenetrable darkness. But this is all subject to how we take them. In reality nothing is so hard or to tackle; it is mostly our delusion that regards it so and suffers the pains and fears.

Just change your attitude and you will find hope, courage and enthusiasm in all circumstances. Don’t lose your morale that you failed in your repeated attempts. Don’t worry. There are many other avenues. Look at them. There is no dead-end to trying harder again with better preparation. Move ahead. You just have to try your level best in transacting your duties. Every sincere effort is a step towards the goal; if not today, tomorrow you will succeed. This is the law of Nature.

There is always certain consequence, some result of every action. Don’t feel helpless. Don’t count upon other’s support. No one really would have the capacity to help you if you can’t help yourself. Never blame anyone for anything wrong or harmful happening to you. Because no one can rule over you and make you suffer. You alone are the friend and the enemy of yourself. The circumstances around you are in fact your own creation. They are neither supportive nor obstructive in reality; this all depends upon your own attitude, how you accept and make use of them.

Refine your attitude, your thinking and your aspirations and let virtuous instincts awaken in yourself. It is the accumulation of the inscriptions of positive thinking and good actions over several lives that awaken devotion in the human self.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, March 1941

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