शुक्रवार, 6 जुलाई 2018

👉 Rise! Have Courage

🔶 Please Note! Adversities and obstructions are there for your own good. They occur to activate your strength and trigger its constructive use. Hidden beneath them is the spring of joy. Those who have never faced any hindrances or struggled against hardships would not know the real taste of happiness and success in life. Only those who have accepted these challenges with courage and stability and conquered over against struggles in their lives are worthy of being called achievers, distinguished heroes. It is only the lives of such great people that deserve to be dignified.

🔷 So don’t loose heart. Awaken! Rise! And look at the Almighty – the Divine Light of your Life-Force. God has not sent you in human form without any purpose. He has endowed you with immense potentials; it’s your duty to make use of them. Sufferings and sorrows surface in our world only until we don’t sacrifices our narrow self-interests for greater aims in life. A sapling sprouts and a tree grows from only that seed which dissolves self-existence in the soil; flowers and fruits illustrate its accomplishments and expand its glory.

🔶 So, Be Happy and face all testing moments with smile and courage. Have unflinching faith in the eternal truth that your soul is omnipotent. This is what corresponds to having faith in God. The force of this intrinsic faith would wane out all your fears and weaknesses. Its impetus will awaken your inner strength by which you can eliminate all hindrances and win all battles of life.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Feb. 1940

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