सोमवार, 16 मार्च 2020

👉 Renunciation of Karma is Self-Deception

Often people misinterpret the preaching of the holy Gita and Vedanta and regard the state of inaction as that of detachment and soul-realization. But this is mere delusion, idleness and escapism. Making the body inactive or renouncing the family and duties does not serve any purpose of spiritual ascent. What is important is the liberation of the mind from all ego, expectations and selfish attachments. You should perform all your duties, do all your work at your level best but be detached from the end-results.

Don’t expect the results of your actions to be as per your will or imagination. But don’t leave your actions (karmas) thinking that every thing will happen as per your destiny. You can’t live even for a single moment without any karma – be that physical or mental. You are born do transact your duties. This is what is implied in the following hymn:

“NaKaschitksanamapi Jatu Tisthtyakarma-Krat । Karyate Hyavasah Karma Sarvah Prakratijairgunaih ।।”

The system of Nature is such that it triggers every being, every particle, to act as per its natural tendencies. We might prevent the actions of our body or the sense organs for sometime; but what about the flow of thoughts and the impulses of unconscious mind? Those who attempt such superficial renouncement and try to evade from duties, actions suffer more agility and turbulence of desires and intrinsic tendencies in the mind… They are fake and self-cheaters.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Aug 1940

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