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👉 Control and Refinement of Hormones – Part 2

🔶 Excessive secretion of this hormone also causes a variety of problems: the ‘engine’ –– source of energy of the body gets ‘over-charged’ and, as a result, different metabolic and biochemical reactions and physiological functions are accelerated untimely. This often gives rise to increase in pulse rate, professed perspiration, high blood pressure, excitation, hypersensitivity, mental restlessness and irritation etc.

🔷 The chemical processing of extraction of energy from the food constituents begins as soon as it reaches in the stomach.  Starch and sugar are converted into glucose. Part of this glucose goes in the blood stream and helps energize the body and maintain temperature. The remaining quantity of glucose is stored in the liver in the form of glycogen, making a stock for future energy-requirements.

🔶 In diabetic patients, the sugar level in the blood increases and the corresponding shortage of energy supplied by glucose gradually weakens the body.  This disorder in blood sugar arises due to the deficiency of insulin –– a hormone secreted by the pancreas. In healthy blood, the normal level of sugar is about one sixtieth ounce per liter.  This small amount is the fuel (source of energy) that keeps the cellular and muscular machinery warm and active.  Insulin along with another hormone adrenaline helps regulate this function.

Akhand Jyoti – June- 2003

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