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👉 The Nectar of Generosity

🔶 This is a story from the life of Swami Ramteerth. He used to wander around the whole day preaching kindness and love for God. He used to cook dinner himself. One evening he came home very tired after along tour and preaching session and started cooking his dinner. Just then a group of kids came to him. Swamiji served all his dinner to the children. One onlooker was amazed and asked him, "Swamiji, you have given away all your dinner, now what will you have?" A bright smile crossed Swami Ramteerth's lips as he replied, "The purpose of dinner is to satiate hunger. It doesn't matter whose stomach it has gone into, it has served its purpose. But, to me, the joy of giving is million times the joy of receiving"

🔷 Another story is from the life of the great Indian poet Magh who was also famous for his generosity. His financial condition was not very sound, yet that made no difference to his generous attitude. One late night a poor man came to seek his help and said, "I have to arrange my daughter's marriage ceremony, but I am penniless. I have heard about your kindness. Would it be possible for you to help me, sir?"

🔶 Poet Magh's heart was filled with compassion. He looked around his house. There was nothing to offer. Suddenly, he saw the golden bracelets in the hands of his wife who was asleep. Very slowly, he took off one bracelet from his wife's hand, and said, "I do not have much to offer, please accept this gift."

🔷 Just then his wife opened her eyes and said with a smile, "How can a marriage ceremony be arranged with a single bracelet?" And she took off the other bracelet and gave it too. Magh and his wife were filled with a divine joy that cannot be described in words.

📖 From Pragya Puran

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👉 जीवन लक्ष्य और उसकी प्राप्ति भाग ३

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