मंगलवार, 2 मई 2017

👉 MANAN (Part 2)

(motivating the self-being for present & future period) & its Significance.
🔴 So, the gap also is to be filled. Rectification (identification coupled with commitment to remove) alone is not all that is to be done. Let it be compensated also. Rectified, well but it alone will not serve the purpose. Will you not compensate or fill the gap created out of removal of some undesirable specification? Will you not improve your health that has been stabilized after identification & then removal by you, of some undesirable specification of your personality? Will you not add to your public contacts, not proceed for public-service? Will you not do the jobs you have to do now? No sir! We have rectified our mistakes & that’s enough. 

🔵 What do you mean by ‘Mistakes Rectified’? ‘Mistakes Rectified’ must be compulsorily followed by ‘Qualities-Developed’, ‘Competency-Developed’ and ‘Sensitivity-Developed’. Process of ‘SELF-BUILDING’ will require you to repeatedly inspect your gaps just to fill that or compensate that. We should make our temperament and habits morally justified. Make up yourself, your health, your personality, your character, your temperament and of course your working-style. Make up everything. Besides making up these specifications, just take care of one more thing and that is your family, make up its scenario too.

🔴 Building, only of ourselves! We will become a saint in ourselves, will study RAMAYANA and not consume sweets. You are right, but again the family is there which a part of you is also. You are not alone. Your family is also associated with you, therefore your job also warrants its building as well. If you cannot do that then all your family members are likely to remain fool, wicked and uncivil and in that condition how will you ensure your peace of mind, do BHAJAN? Then how will you live a happy life, practice good habits and words? Why will you not be angry to see everybody puzzled in your family? That is why what is to be additionally done is to take necessary measures to ensure peace, happiness and harmony within your family and of course in your personal life also.

🌹 to be continue...
🌹 ~Pt Shriram Sharma Aachrya

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