मंगलवार, 11 अप्रैल 2017

👉 Amrit Chintan 12 April

🔴 Soul realization is a great job. If one have loaded himself with big stones in his bag, it becomes difficult to climb over a bill. So in human life, if we are engaged in vices and weaknesses – realization is not possible with rituals. When we adopt restrain in life, and earn virtues. Any sadhana will be effective positively. It is not simple vocal repentance which is enough, but we will have to pay all prices for the loss and injury inflicted to the society. This is the open secret for attaining higher spiritual values known as “Siddhis.”

🔵 Self introspection, Self refinement, Self development and Self expansion are important four steps for spiritual development. Man has three bodies. One is anatomical, other is subtle, which include mind emotions and evil of this or past life effect this part of body radiation from causal body can only be availed after above rectification, rituals of observing fast. Anusthan, Jap are preliminary preparation of the body and mind.

🔴 Nations grow on the character, strength and scientific development of the citizens of that country. Individual’s character develops his virtues of sympathy, simplicity is all his life.  What is man inside is his emotions and sacredness, which reflects outside as his noble nature  i.e. ‘Soujanyata’ means goodwill and co-operation.

🌹 ~Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya