बुधवार, 6 जून 2018

👉 Sadhana

🔶 Swami Vivekanand was taking a stroll along the banks of the Ganga near Vellur Matha one evening. Sister Nivedita, Sharatchandra Chakravarti and a few others were also accompanying him. While walking, some of them started discussing about the Divine (India) Culture. Swamiji said, “The  Divine Culture represents a harmonious blend of sadhana (purity and strength of character) and samvedana (loving kindness and compassion).

🔷 Lack of either would strike at the very roots of the structure and aim of our culture. Sadhana without samvedana leads to arrogance. And, samvedana sans sadhana proves to be nothing more than sentimental effervescence. A balanced cultivation of both generates what is essential for the expression of divinity in humanity.

📖 From Pragya Puran 

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