बुधवार, 3 मई 2017

👉 MANAN (Part 3)

(motivating the self-being for present & future period) & its Significance.

🔴 They are also your part, aren’t they? Make up them also. What to make up in them? Only one thing is to be made up in them. Make up in them generousness, good habits, ideals and a tendency to maintain their characters? It hardly matters whether they become rich or not. There are people who have live a magnificent life despite the fact that they were poor ones whereas there are also such rich people who have created only disputes leading to their and others’ deaths. That is why I do not talk about & emphasis on ensuring prosperity. By ‘INCULCATION’ I mean is merit, action and temperament. You please do all that you can do to change these specifications, habits, traits in order to maintain the dignity of a man. 

🔵 The five basic principles of family-conduct include laboriousness, orderliness, thriftiness and co-operation. You must inculcate these specifications in your life and motivate your family members to do the same. This is a very tremendous way of building a personality, character and thinking-style. You must configure how you can implement that when you are exercising stages of CHINTAN & MANAN.

🌹 to be continue...
🌹 ~Pt Shriram Sharma Aachrya

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