शुक्रवार, 11 सितंबर 2020

👉 Prayer: The Nourishment of Soul

If I do not get food I am least worried but it makes me mad if I miss my prayer. Prayer is million times more beneficial than food. One may forego his food but not his prayer. Prayer is the very nourishment of soul. It would be too good, if we could contemplate on God whole day long, but since it is not possible for us all, it is desirable that we should sit at least for a few hours every day in contemplation of God.

Eulogy, worship and prayer are not blind faiths, but they are real and true acts like eating, drinking, walking and sitting; nay, if we say that it is the only truth and all the rest are false and unreal, it would be no exaggeration. Offering of prayer does not mean begging, but, in fact, it is the natural voice of soul. When we fully come to realize our incapabilities and leaving all other worldly recourses aside, confide our faith in God, the very outburst of our emotions in such a state is called prayer. The offering of prayer and singing songs in praise of God are not mere utterances of one's tongue but are actually the outpourings of one's heart. This is the reason that even the dumb, the stammerers, and the stupid persons can also offer prayer.

The main purpose of offering prayer is, to seek discourse with God and to gain light for the purification of the soul, so that we could win over our weaknesses. Prayer devoid of emotion is of no use.

What to talk of the other world, even in this world prayer is a source of peace and happiness. So if we really wish to become human, we must make our lives interesting and fruitful through prayer. It is, therefore, advisable for everyone to remain engrossed in prayer with heart and soul. All complicated riddles arising out of national, social and political problems find their easy and quick solutions through prayer than through intellect.


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