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👉 The Perennial Law of Mental Evolution

The quality of our mental inscriptions and hence the nature of our mind depends upon what kinds of thoughts dominate our thinking most often. An empty mind is said to be a devil’s house whereas a mind engaged in creative works and righteous, constructive, deeper thinking is sure to sharpen, brighten and expand its capabilities.

You must ponder over this fact that your mental evolution is in your hands. Short-temperedness enhances the tendencies of anger, harmful excitations. Worries, tensions, gloom, despair and similar kinds of negative instincts weaken your mind further. So step plunging into the untoward memories of the past and do not let your mind roam in vulgar, erotic, revengeful, depressing or arbitrary imaginations.

Positive, optimistic and reasoned thinking educes new joy and energy in your mind and motivates it for constructive actions; this is also the key to sharpening the intellect. In short, our thoughts are the hidden rulers of our life. Concentration of mind upon a focused objective and associated thoughts augment its corresponding skills and potentials. This is how one becomes an expert in specific talent or field of knowledge…

📖  Akhand Jyoti, July 1946

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