गुरुवार, 8 नवंबर 2018

👉 First deserve then desire

🔶 To make the conditions favorable for our progress, we need not beseech anyone. And unless you deserve it, asking anything from the gods is futile, as they bound by their policy of helping only the ones who deserve.

🔷 As we all follow some rules in our lives and never transcend them, so do the gods. They too follow some set rules and never trespass on them. One such rule is for the bestowal of their grace - Grace is reserved only for the one who has performed the most arduous task of refinement of his character and personality.

🔶 This task, to take oneself to task, is one of the most severe penances a person can perform.

🔷 Developing the capacity to attract divine grace or help is similar to developing a tolerance level for drinking warm milk; we need to gradually and continuously increase our tolerance, our capacity for it.

🔶 Wherever this primary condition is satisfied, there the grace and system of God automatically kicks in and help comes pouring in from all the sides.

🔷 The history of our civilization is a witness to this phenomenon.

✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
📖 Sanskriti Sanjeevani Shrimadbhagwat evum Geeta Vangmay 31 Page- 1.125

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