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👉 Awakening the Inner Strength

👉 Awakening the Inner Strength

Human life is a turning point in the evolution of consciousness. One who loses this opportunity and does not attempt awakening his inner self, knowing his soul, is the biggest loser. He cannot attain peace – neither in this life, nor in the life beyond. Thus, if we are truly desirous of ascent, beatifying bliss and peace, we must begin to look inwards. Joy is not there in the outer world, not in any achievement or possession of power and enormous resources. It is the soul,  which is the origin and ultimate goal of this intrinsic quest.

Just think! Happiness is a virtue of consciousness, how could then the inanimate things of this world give us joy? It is after all the “individual self”, which aspires for unalloyed joy and enjoys it. Then how could it be so dependent upon others for this natural spirit of the Consciousness Force? How could the world, which is ever changing and perishable, be the source of fulfilling our eternal  quest? the contrary, the sensual pleasures, the worldly joys, which delude us all the time, mostly consume our strength and weaken the life force of our sense organs and our mind.

This fact should be remembered again and again that the quest, the feeling of blissfulness are there because of the soul and it is only the awakened force of the soul, the inner strength that can lead the evolution of the individual self to the highest realms of eternal beatitudeous bliss.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Oct. 1940

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