गुरुवार, 4 मई 2017

👉 MANAN (Part 4)

(motivating the self-being for present & future period) & its Significance.
🔴 As ‘CHINTAN’ is comprised of two stages of ‘SELF-INSEPCTION/REVIEW’ & ‘SELF-RECTIFICATION’ so is the ‘MANAN’. The first stage of it is ‘SELF-INCULCATION’ whereas the second one is ‘SELF-DEVELOPMENT’. What is meant by SELF-DEVELOPMENT? The very meaning of SELF-DEVELOPMENT is enlarging/developing the Ego-Circle. People’ circle happens to be very small like that of a frog of the well. They assume that only their bodies are their own. They do not treat themselves as a component of the society. You tell what can be the value of an isolated particle of blood. 

🔵 The blood works only when all the particles of it bind together otherwise where is counted is one particle taken out of blood. That is why do not limit your circle. Just keep trying to move above the timidity of selfishness. Try to address yourself as ‘We’ in place of ‘I’ like we all. If you continue with ‘MAI’,’MAI’,’MAI’ ( I,I,I) then you will be confined to  a area like a he-goat  and encircled like a well-frog in which only and your family will be present. You will have no contact with society and BHAGWAN; therefore kindly broaden your base.

🔴 ‘We are for all’; ‘all are for us’ think like this. You think like-‘ATMAVAT SARVBHUTESHU’. This whole world is like us. We are alive due to helps pouring in from different quarters and so our help must be given to all. This thinking-style will lead you to become society-oriented and a responsible citizen. You will start expressing your affection for country, religion, society and culture and not only this you will also start treating social problems as your own problems. What is this all about? It is about widening the base of soul or expansion of ego-circle. You feel happy with things you treat as yours’.

🔵 But if you start treating all as yours’ then, you will find your level of pride and pleasure grown. Yours’ will be the sun, the moon, the stars, the rivers, the mountains too, the earth too, all the men and even the whole of world will be yours’. The day you begin treating yourself as of all and all as yours’, you will see how happy and glorious your life becomes, how is transformed your activities and life and how your happiness scales new peaks? Just be competent like that. Well, only it was to be told to you.

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🌹 ~Pt Shriram Sharma Aachrya