शनिवार, 13 मई 2017

👉 Intercession & its Significance. (Part 3)

🔴 Friends! Ignorance prevails all around in the country in the name of PUJA-PATH as also in the name of spirituality? Spirituality however was meant exclusively for bringing people, out of trap of ignorance. What has happened now? From where, has come this botheration? Ignorance on the contrary! In sharp contrast to its objective, spirituality has given undue space to ignorance. This should not have happened. Then what should be done now?
🔵 Friends! Everything becomes soft & wet when rain falls then I ask whether a rock too becomes wet or not? No sir, it does not and whether a rock can grow even a leave? No sir, it does not. It means a rock cannot grow even a leave over it simply because it cannot absorb water. That means the rock has to make it favorable to draw any advantage out of water. Things can proceed only when you understand this theory but you are of the view that you do not need to be changed and you should be the same as you are, rather BHAGWAN should change itself, BHAGWAN should change its rules, BHAGWAN should change its system and BHAGWAN should change his conditions. Why? Because what we do is—to order.

🔴 An order means a wish to be fulfilled.  A wish means an order.  You order? Are you a boss of BHAGWAN? Do you intend to order BHAGWAN? Do you wish BHAGWAN to follow you, simply because you recite hanuman-CHALISA daily and daily show incense-stick to hanuman? That is why you want that BHAGWAN should follow your guidelines. It is not possible at all. What is spirituality? Spirituality literally means that we should mould ourselves as per BHAGWAN’s wishes. We should develop such eligibility within us that we become competent enough to receive the grace & mercy of BHAGWAN which keeps raining unabatedly on us like rain from sky but we cannot take its advantage like that rock simply because of absence of eligibility.

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