शनिवार, 22 अप्रैल 2017

👉 CHINTAN (Part 2)

(studying the past-period of self-being): its Significance & Mechanics

🔴 Whenever at some convenient time you sit in solitude, just think we are alone and have no companion or friend. Let the companion, the friend, the family member, the money, the business, the agricultural field be in their places. You only have to think if we have been doing any mistake for last days? Whether have we forgotten the path, deviated? Whether was I born for this only? Whether did I do what for I was born? Whether I was busy earning more than how much was required? Whether I was adding to number of loads unnecessarily by paying attention to family more than what genuinely required? Whether I was busy loading them with gifts they did not required, only for their happiness? Why? r which reasons? Very these are the mistakes of life, we have been committing all along.

🔵 In the same way, whether I took care of food and living style that was to be taken necessarily from health point of view. Whether the required modesty, that ought to be, was incorporated in thinking-style or not? No. We did not fulfill duties either for our bodies or brain or our family members. We stand lagged far behind from point of view of duties. Once think over issues whereat we lagged. Why? What is the advantage of doing this? The advantage is that rectification of mistakes will be possible only when they are known to us. What and why will you rectify when you do not know what and why to do? That is why review or revisit becomes essential. Just review yourself and your past.  

🔴 Not only is the crime that is called the sin. Things, actions making life disordered are also called sins. The theft and the murder are obviously the crimes but not the less is passing time in lethargy & laziness, maintaining an angry temperament, keeping your temperament worried & disordered. What these are? These too are mistakes. Just review repeatedly what mistakes associated with virtues, actions and temperament in your personal life and those associated with your crime both, you have been committing. It is very essential to revisit your past. This action leads us to assess where we are wrong and how much we had been missing and are still missing. The next step is related with rectification of such mistakes and is called Self-Refinement.

🌹 to be continue...
🌹 ~Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya