रविवार, 2 अगस्त 2020

👉 Being Good is Being Wise

Tyrants or wicked people do not hesitate in committing mindless flaws and sinful activities. Wise are those who restrain themselves from such follies. Evil generates more evil; this is why one should keep away from it and protect himself against it, as one would from the hazards of fire. The vicious consequences and God’s penalty for sins follows the sinner like his own shadow and continue the chase with greater intensity life after life till he is ruined completely. Therefore, be vigilant and keep away from all vices.

You accumulate the curse of your own soul whenever you do something that is unethical or wrong. There is nothing more painful and adverse than burning in this fire. Despite knowing this, people are driven towards misconduct, blemishing acts and sins because of their cravings, ego and selfish attachments.

Satisfying these passions for some time appears to give some momentary pleasure but traps one’s mind into its grip forever. This is like eating sugarcoated poison.

Truly intelligent and wise in this world is the one who precludes himself from evil thoughts and mean, cruel, sinful actions, and on the contrary, adopts truthful righteous path. This wisdom proves to be farsighted and opens up the path of glorious achievements…

📖  Akhand Jyoti, Nov. 1946

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